Exploring the world around me by finding magic in unexpected places. Capturing true emotions when no one else is looking. Photographing weddings and people, both here and there.






Hello, I am Ann and I’m a wedding photographer. Originally I am from Germany but I’ve been calling England my home for a while now. Fourteen years ago I started out as a film editor working in advertising, music videos and TV shows, with my clients ranging from Universal Music to Mercedes and Nivea. Those years taught me all about visual storytelling, using movement to create continuity and choosing the right shot for the right moment. I’m still telling stories today – but of two people, and in a single frame.

Being a wedding photographer is the best job I can imagine. Every week I work with people who are experiencing the happiest day of their life with their very closest friends and family. I am asked to travel to places so beautiful that I can’t even complain about the airline food. Last year I travelled 33,531 miles through 13 different countries for my couples and I loved every minute of it because in the end I have the opportunity to create something that really matters to people.

I prefer working in a documentary style and shoot on film at every wedding for quite a few reasons, none of them nostalgic. I love that I am connected to my subject with no distraction like a screen on the back of my camera. I even love that shooting film is difficult. It slows me down and I can really concentrate on exposing the exact moment that matters. Mostly though, I just love the way it looks – incredibly flattering yet vibrant and full of life. Shooting film let’s me create images I love.

Ann-Kathrin Koch Film Wedding Photographer


The photos you sent are exquisite. Breathtakingly beautiful. And I knew they would be so. I hope you’re proud of what you’ve produced because woman you should be. We can’t wait to see the rest!!!

Lauren & Steve, England

Mum and Dad loved having you around on the morning of, too – they keep saying how much of a delight you were (so relaxed, so friendly, so calm, so unobtrusive). Which of course I completely agree with! I wish I could give you a massive big hug to thank you.

Siobhan & Alex, Scotland

These will stay with us forever and I appreciate so much that it was you who was with us on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’re one in a million, Ann! For real!

Wanlyn & Thibaut, Malaysia

A huge, massive thank you for our wonderful wedding and Bali pictures. We’re totally blown away with the results!

Lyndsey & Kayyor, England/Bali

We can’t believe how jammy we were coming across your website when we did. There was no one else who could have taken our photos.

Helen & Simon, England